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DWIGHT YOAKAM lyrics - Lucky That Way
"Lucky That Way"

Have you ever seen a heart
As it lays dyin'
While what's left of its life
Slips away
Well any tears that get shed
Ain't worth cryin'
'Cause I've seen plenty
I'm lucky that way

Have you ever heard a voice
Start to moanin'
After despair's choked its
Last words away
Well any worse sound
Defies your ears even knowin'
And Lord I've heard plenty
I'm lucky that way

So wrap your warm arms around me
And let our weak hands deal out love's sad fate

Then press your soft lips against me
And let the first bets on new love be made

Have you ever watched a couple
Where one stands cryin'
While begging the other
To please stay
The awful truth is
It ain't worth the cryin'
Lord I've watched plenty
I'm lucky that way

Lord I've watched plenty
I'm lucky that way.

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