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DWIGHT YOAKAM lyrics - This Much I Know
"This Much I Know"

This much I know
She'll never come back to me
This much I know
She meant what she said
This much I know
It's taught me all about misery
I just learn kinda slow
This much I know

This much I feel
I should have reached out to her
This much I feel
I tried it too late
This much I feel
How empty the world can be
And so painfully real
This much I feel

I've had second thoughts
About every reason
We let love slip away
From our lives
And there's no place left to look
That I don't see some small reminder
Of all the chances I just let go by


This much I need
To wake up once and find
She's not gone
This much I need
But I'll never have
This much I need
Words to speak without missing her
Or just some new way to breathe
This much I need...

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