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GARTH BROOKS lyrics - Under The Table
"Under The Table"

The bartender just told me
I've had too much to drink
Now why's he believing
I give a damn what he thinks
'Cause I can tell he's never felt
The way that I do
He's never had to get over
Someone like you

I'll be udner the table for I'm over you
Drowning your memory isn't easy to do
And as long as I'm standing, well then I ain't through
'Cause I'll be under the table for I'm over you

It seemed so easy for you to leave me
And find someone new
Then why can't your memory
Find somebody too
THere ain't a day that slips away
That I don't think of you more
The only time you're off my mind
Is when I'm flat on the floor


Yes I'll be under the table for I'm over you

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