"Call It Even" lyrics - GLEN CAMPBELL

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GLEN CAMPBELL lyrics - Call It Even
"Call It Even"

There are times in the darkness I have forgotten
How the Lord of my life, he carries my pain
And when I bring him the wrong that tries to consume me
He forgives me, unmeasured again and again
And calls it even, He calls it even.

When He adds up my progress it all comes to nothin'
But He leads me with mercy in that place in my road
Then he reaches beyond bringin' me closer
And never counting the miles that I missed the goal
And He calls it even, He calls it even.

May I bring him gifts and he gives me grace
I bring him confusion, He sets me in place
He calls it even

When I give him my best it's all or nothin'
But it's black and it's white and there's no middle ground
Will the sum of my life be all that he wanted
He will balance the scaales when he hands me my crown
And call it even, oh, He calls it even.

He calls it even, He calls it even.
Yes, he calls it even, hooh

(He calls it even, He calls it even
He calls it even, He calls it even...)

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