"Once A Day" lyrics - GLEN CAMPBELL

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GLEN CAMPBELL lyrics - Once A Day
"Once A Day"

When you found somebody new I thought I never would
Forget you for I thought then I never could
But time has taken all the pain away
Until now I'm down to hurtin' once a day.

Once a day (once a day)
All day long (all day long)
And once a night (once a night)
From dusk 'til dawn. (dusk 'til dawn)
The only time I wish you weren't gone
Is once a day, everyday, all day long.

I'm so glad I'm not like a man I knew one time
He lost the one he loved and slowly lost his mind.
He sat around and cried his life away
Lucky me I'm only crying once a day.


Is once a day, everyday, all day long.

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