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JERRY GARCIA BAND lyrics - Reuben And Cherise
"Reuben And Cherise"

Cherise was brushing her long hair gently down.
It was the afternoon of Carnival,
As she brushes it gently down.

Reuben was strumming his painted mandolin.
It was inlaid with a pretty face in jade,
Played the carnival parade.

Cherise was dressing as Pirouette in white,
When a fatal vision gripped her tight.
Cherise beware tonight.

Reuben, Reuben tell me truly true,
I feel afraid and I don't know why I do...
Is there another girl for you?

If you could see my heart, you would know it's true.
There's none Cherise except for you, except for you.
I'd swear to it on my very soul, if I lie may I fall down cold.

When Reuben played on his painted mandolin, the breeze would pause to listen in.
Before going it's way again.
The Masquerade began when nightfall finally woke.
Like waves against the bandstand, dances broke.
To the painted Mandolin.

Looking out on the crowd who was standing there,
Sweet Ruby Claire at Reuben stared, at Reuben stared.
She was dressed as Pirouette in red and her hair hung gently down.

The crown thrashed 'round, Ruby stood as though alone.
Reuben's song took on a different tone, and he played it just for her.
The song that he played was the Carnival Parade,
Each note cut a thread of Cherise's fate.
It cut through like a blade.

Reuben was playing his painted Mandolin,
When Ruby froze and turned to stone.
For the strings played all alone.
The voice of Cherise from the face on the mandolin,
Singin' Reuben, Reuben tell me true, for I have no one but you.

If you could see my heart, you would know it's true,
There's none Cherise, except for you, except for you.
I'd swear to it on my very soul. If I lie, may I fall down cold.

The truth of love an unsung song must tell.
The course of love must follow blind, without a look behind.
Reuben walked the streets of New Orleans 'till dawn.
Cherise so lightly in his arms.
And her hair hung gently down.

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