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RAY DAVIES lyrics - It's Alright (Managers Dialogue)
"It's Alright (Managers Dialogue)"

There was still a problem. We had to get management. You're nothing
without management, are you? We were discovered playing in a pub
by two very well respected gentlemen. They were both about 6 foot 6
tall or there about, aristocratic types. And they wore these classic blue
pin-striped suits. Their names were Robert and Grenville. And Robert and
Grenville thought it would be a very good idea to manage a pop group.
"What do you think, Grenville?". "Oh, what a good idea, Robert".
I thought "Blimey, I've never never met anybody like this before".
I said to Robert "Robert, have you ever managed anything in your life
before?". "Never!". Perfect, they got the job.

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