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REBA MCENTIRE lyrics - Until They Don't Love You
"Until They Don't Love You"

Ain't one the loneliest number
It takes two to make it right
Just three little words I shoulda told ya
Before you left last night

Sometimes you don't love somebody until they don't love you
Sometimes you don't love somebody until they don't love you
Oh you're lookin so good with your bags packed
On the front steps waitin on a yellow cab
And my heart keeps screaming 'come back, come back, come back'

Well I was "a-okay" taking you for granted
Shoulda make a beeline for your door
If you could see all the broken pieces
You would redeem my heart for sure


Don't pay attention to your heart until it's bleeding
Don't know what you have until you can't keep it
Don't know what you want till you need it
Don't know that it's love until it's leavin'
Oh, when you left I shoulda come runnin
You were right about everything
I was up to no good and you knew it
And now I'm down here on my knees


It's a little too late baby I know
That I treated your heart like a yoyo
Give me one more chance baby don't go, don't go, don't go

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