"I Said I Love You" lyrics - THE MAVERICKS

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THE MAVERICKS lyrics - I Said I Love You
"I Said I Love You"

We've been leading this way for a while
Allways keeping our hearts to denial
But the rules of the game are as such,
There are some things you never should rush
With the way that you looking tonight,
It was only a matter of time.
Before I get so overwhelmed,
That I just could not help myself

I said; I love you,I didn't mean to..
But the moonlight just gave me away.
Now that I said it,trying to forget it..
And pretend it was all a mistake.
I keep trying...to deny it...
This feeling that I know is true..
Stumbling and falling and still after all,
I keep fallin in love with...you..

[Short saxophone solo]

What's the point of this masqurade,
After all of the cards have been played.
Now,there's nothing for me left to hide,
I hope I have fait on my side.
Either way I got nothing to lose,
Surrender is all I can do.
And if you should be mine in the end,
I'll remember it all happened when.



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