"Pardon Me" lyrics - THE MAVERICKS

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THE MAVERICKS lyrics - Pardon Me
"Pardon Me"

A steady run of one night stands
From one town to the next
How long has this been going on
Can't even start to guess

Most of the time I feel alright
With the life I chose to lead
Tonight I'm not myself at all
So pardon me

From Wichita to Arkansas
And every mile in between
A lady friend in every town
Waiting for the phone to ring

I know what you're thinking now
And, yes, at times it's like a dream
It's getting late and I'm awake
So pardon me

Pardon me if I cry
Pardon me if you don't mind
I wouldn't change a single thing
As crazy as that seems
Tonight if I should fall apart
Pardon me

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