"Plastic Surgery" lyrics - ADAM ANT

"Plastic Surgery"

Hey, you got a face like a labrador
I don't mind that's what I'm here for
The angel gabriel sent me
To give you a little bit of sympathy

I'm gonna take you down to harley street

Such a shame you had that crash
That will teach you to drive flash
And a lorry hit you at full power
Your blood gushing like a shower

Plastic surgery - it's so plastic
Plastic surgery - fantastic
(And you better take me away)

Well you might have to sell your car
And your parent's brand new house
You lie awake and lose your sleep
Baby, miracles do not come cheap

Well you can have a brand new nose
Light blue eyes or even hazel
A little ear will be much better
When you are a real go getter

Don't go sitting in the sun
Your new face might start to run
Just forget your makeup scheme
Clean your face with mr. sheen