"Draft Day Freestyle" lyrics - ANDERSON .PAAK

"Draft Day Freestyle"

Check, check, one, two
Ohh, oh yeah
Oh, yeah
Oh, yeah

Livin' like I'm livin', tented windows on that Camino
Niggas couldn't see me, triple beamer, fuck a telescope
Photos of my baby boy, I know I know to raise him tough
"Daddy why you never home?" "You'll understand when you grow up"
Papa was a crazy fuck, paper chasing, playing drums
Momma never taught me how to save, she told me double up
Wifey need a couple bucks, side piece always wanna fuck
Life ain't never easy I can see y'all niggas giving up
See y'all niggas grilling us, see yo' bitches feeling us
These niggas ain't killing us, we been more than generous
Giving every single bit, taking everything we want
Time is of the essence, but don't put that stress up in blood
Now what the fuck is "good luck"? Everything I've ever done
Something out of nothing, killing everything in front us
Every nigga that ever fronted on us is throwing up
Chunking up the gold cup, y'all niggas is runners, huh

And now we only got the time that heavens deal us
There's some things in the world that we have to deal with
All these lame niggas ever gave me was opinions
But I never gave a fuck about a couple pennies, nah

I just want a Picasso
I want there to be peace out in Chicago
I give y'all Venice Beach before the fall though
But I see Malibu soon as I close my eyes though
Labels talking that shit, but I ain't sign though
Hellfyre my clique, word to [?]
Hey, could've been worse out this motherfucker
Could've been in a herce out this motherfucker
Step up in this bitch like I'm connections in this bitch
I'm taking what you niggas what you niggas owe me
Middle finger to the police
Me and LoDef [?]

Platinum Status in this bitch
Shoutout [?] on the flip
My nigga [?] on the shits
Open mic and rhetoric
My nigga bus driver, Milo
That nigga DJ Nobody's sneaker game is [?]

And now we only got the time (Hellfyre the clique)
There's some things (Sc-scramble my shit) to deal with
All these lame niggas (Freenationals) was opinions
But I never (aye yo Lee, imma be back nigga, don't trip, I gotchu) nah
(Shoutout my nigga [?] thats my old head, my old head
Shoutout my nigga [?], teaser, teaser, teaser gang bitch) O-oh
(Shout out my nigga [?], the almighty [?]
Good to have y'all niggas back)
There's some things in world ([?])
All these lame niggas- opinions
But I never gave a fuck([?]) nah (muah)
(Y'all labels taking too long, but thats okay though. Imma make y'all pay for every year yall niggas don't break bread, word to my momma. Shoutout to mommaa too, she gon' get her bachelors in a couple months. Yup.)
Venice, LA
Malibu is on the way
Buck! (Hold tight)
I'll see y'all on beach, see y'all niggas on the beach
(I smoke no more so you know, if I get bored imma just write some shit throw it up on Soundcloud)