"Just Relax" lyrics - AVRIL LAVIGNE

"Just Relax"

I need to chill out throw a party with my friends I can't be alone tonight I need to rock out some punk music and let my hair lie downn
I need to just relax you need to just relax so I threw a party without my parent permission oh yeah ill just relax even if the cops come chasen us with there guns and will just relax even when they say Hey your to young to drink were gonna have blast don't give a crap about what the law says tonight

Woke up in the center of a jail cell oh man what happened last night listen guyus I'm sorry to say nothing you do will matter any way
So I chilled out too much drank a little too late drank a little too fast who cares when you're a little shit in high school my lifes going way to fast there's no way I can relax