"She's Got The Papers (I Got The Man), Part II" lyrics - BARBARA MASON

"She's Got The Papers (I Got The Man), Part II"

You see, I've never been in a position to give him any material things
But then I've never demanded no promises, no papers and no rings
See, while you was always home complaining and always demanding
I was there always so very patient and understanding

And ladies, you need to take heed of this advice and think twice, listen
You see, every time your telephone rings and somebody hangs up
Don't go accusing that man, telling him I know that must have been your woman
Shame, shame, shame
'Cause in my case we have spent the entire weekend together
So there never was no need to call

Yes, and I'm always on his mind
'Cause I give him plenty of lovin' all the time
Yes, them folks came and told me that you called me out of my name
And now that he's mine I'm woman enough to accept the blame

You see, it's not so important for a woman to be married to a man on paper
For it's more important to have a man's heart
Which in my case I had right from the start
Ha, I ain't trying to be smart

You see, every time he leaves me, you know after we've made love
Oh, I've been made love to
Lot of times he gives all then, nothing else he can do
God, he's only one man, you know she's just trying to split the man in two

And you remember those last seven suits you bought and paid for
Well, I've been seen with him in those suits
Seven different places, seven different times, seven different days
And I'm not gonna mention the seven different nights
'Cause that ain't none of your business

And you know, he always had a home away from home with me
So there ain't no need for him to get comfortable
You was right, you see, 'cause I've got his slippers, his bathrobe
And that [?] set that you told him to take with him when he left
Child, that's in my bedroom and me and him make love by that every night

Look girl, let me tell you one thing
Wasn't it you that into when I was in the drugstore
It seemed to me everything on you was out of place
You see, I didn't get him by wearing no war paint on my face
I just give him what he wants when he wants
And that's love

I know he can't help but call out my name
I hope he don't a mistake and call you me
Listen, there's one more important thing that I must leave with you, Betty
That is whatever it'll cost him to get free
He can get it from me

She's got papers but I've got the man
Do everything he'll better possibly can
I'm the one he has all his fun with
I'm the one spend all his time with
She's got papers but I've got man
I ain't got no paper, I've got man
I give him all the love he can possibly stand
I don't need no silver ring
'Cause he loves me all alone
I am the one
I'm number one
She's got the papers but I've got the man