"Hey Love" lyrics - BIG K.R.I.T.

"Hey Love"
feat. Juice

[Verse 1: Juice]
She met him, she let him, he left her
She say know you better, all you say is whatever
He tell her he with the fellas on a mission for cheddar
But the truth is all he doin' is gettin' his fishin' pole wetter
Whenever he ain't with her another busser in his bed
A girl say you need him like you need a hole in your head
Now she on the phone with him like why you callin' me bitches
He like you call me a dog so tell me what the difference
Now she wanna set it off 'cause her mind is offset
Steady in the studio but she ain't heard his song yet
Wake up, he just wanna know how much [?] you take up in your mouth
Without swallowin' and smearin' makeup
And while you at the crib chillin', tearin' up, and sniffin'
He out steady dippin' puttin' dick up in women
Steady laughin' with his niggas tellin' them how he did ya
Showin' them ya backshots from all his camera phone pictures

You need to wake up
You need to wake up
Just listen to me wake up
You need to wake up
Hey love, hey love
Turn around look at me
Take off that frown 'cause you in love
Yea right

[Verse 2: Juice]
In the beginning it was cool like a freezer
She turn that refrigerator to a stove
The girl hot like she stolen
Everyday she go and as simple as it goes
It's only ones that know, that know, and trust me I go
Everywhere they go he knowin' that she flirtin'
But he off to the side while she claim she networkin'
He steady chirp in her phone 'cause while he supposed to be workin'
She at another nigga home that's keepin' her neck workin'
And he so quick to tell another nigga that's his baby
But she so quick to pop up with another nigga's baby
Puttin' jewelry on her arm and put a chopper in her palm
And she just give him a lil bit of puss to keep him calm
Lil sensitive nigga you can tell how he feelin'
So his real niggas don't even wanna tell him they hit it
And I ain't even the type to step in another nigga business
But I gotta let off some feelin's when this shit get too ridiculous


[Verse 3: Juice]
I hit Meghan Good like your good was good
She hit me right back it's all good what's hood
I'm tryna come see you, I'm comin' to your hood
Said meet me on 87th by the [?] woods
The same time I got both Christiana's on my phone
Aguilera talkin' reckless Milian wanna get it on
And Sierra talkin' 'bout she ain't comin' up off that good and still
[?] beggin' for it 'cause I know how to make a girl feel
Tiara Forde is tryna move forward, I told her it's cool with me
Tryna get [?] free, she told me she ain't free
I said please it'll be quick, I'll be over 'bout three
I'll be gone in 'bout three
Then I'm out with Christiana
Meghan at seven and Tiara at eight
But they all showed up early, guess they just couldn't wait
And now it's a girl fight without [?]
Then my nigga walked up and they tapped me on my back
Nigga you need to (wake up)