"Call Me (Fix Remix)" lyrics - BLACKSTREET

"Call Me (Fix Remix)"

Teddy's Rap
When's the last time ya'll heard me drop rhymes
See I be droppin' in it, my remix, ya'll be coppin' it
Play it on the radio, rockin' it
East, West, North, South non-stop in it
No lie you seen me with Guy
Jimmy lovine, BLACKstreet all clean
I work beats like girls in mags do
You need a remix I'll fix you too...BLACKstreet

Call me, if you need someone to fix you
Call me satisfaction guaranteed
Call me, if you need someone to fix you
Call me, Call me

Oh Suggar Girl you sexy thang
I like the way you swant
Allways wanna be your lover
You can call me if you need a fix or two
Girl you know how we do, I gotta get with you
You can hit me on the phone dial my number
I'll be waiting when I see you we'll be anticipating
All I wanna do is drive you crazy girl
If we can flow, baby let's go see me tonight


You don't have to worry
I'll be here for you
It's time for you to be my girl
We've been knowing each other
For some time girl and I dn't know
What I'd do without you


Jay-Z Rap
Zigga murder tracks let the rap flow kill ya
Rock platinum jewelry
Young ladies think it's silver.
Need a fix hit me on the hip
But don't go berzerk and get whipped
Put my business in the street like work.
I rock my rocky ices
Duck po-lices
Thru your town run up and down
Like pappi prices and
Thru somethin' let me know
U wanna do somethin'
I'll meet you by your building
In a brand new somethin'
It's not a thing I jus' copped
A range and 4 dot 6 with the
Hot wood grain
Drop the front like hydraulics
Gotta hypnotic like the
Dearly departed Chirstopher Wallace
Zhigga got it if you need it
Willing to give it f you willing to
Live it, loving killing the digits
It's the blacksheep along with the BLACKstreet
If it drop on Monday we go
Platinum that week