"You And Me Together" lyrics - BOBBIE GENTRY

"You And Me Together"

Not really often, you understand
But now and then
I get to thinkin' 'bout you and me
Rememberin' how it used to be

And sometimes, what I'd give
For us to be in love again
Isn't that a silly thing to say?
But sometimes I really feel that way

And it makes me feel so sad
And you know it really hurts so bad
When you think of all we coulda had

Remember when you tried to
Talk me into goin' away with you?
You know, I think I woulda come around
But we both just got so down

There was a time when even talked about a family
Look, where would we be now
But it makes me feel so sad
And sometimes I really hurt so bad
For the child we almost had

You and me together
Oh, no use askin' what went wrong
We didn't take the time

And after all, what's done is done
And I know you won't be the only one
In my life

Still I've been known to spend and hour or two
Wonderin' what ever became of me and you
Who was it said a long time ago

You can never go back?
They knew what they were talkin' about
'Cause it never would work out

When all is said and done
I guess it turned out allright
Isn't that the way the storybook ends?
Everybody is such good friends

Still, it makes me feel so sad
It's enough to make a person feel real bad
When you think of all we coulda had
You and me together

You and me together