"Haven, Mass" lyrics - BON IVER

"Haven, Mass"

Cobbled to your trail
Bevel through the speech
In the harbors I was hanging on
Cradled wrought and weak
Hardly aching for your drum
I'll be able when you're airborne

[Pre-Chorus 1:]
Peddle all the marble
Tell them all, "Be missing me"
Fought from the mainstay
Unhung from a halter
I am back from Baltic, now
It's been raining

Now I'm having
You are haven, dear

Pond in north face eyes
Center's sable
Just like cinders in a prairie fire

Pave in the broad charring up the tall trees mawde'em
Well it's maple for their deputy

[Pre-Chorus 2:]
Got another novel
And I'd wash down ravines
You're my main in

How that you have altered
Sure is to some fine degree
It's not careening

I am having
You are haven, dear

(I am having
You are haven, dear)