"I Ned You Boo (Remix)" lyrics - CHRIS BROWN

"I Ned You Boo (Remix)"

I taught I needed you but I don't really do don't you have somewhere to go tonight don't you have somewhere to go tonight hey you big liar I got something for yuh I taught that I new yuh but you're a loser and I wanted to be yours but you treated me like your whore and oh your cutie but when you talk to me I don't know what to say it's the same story everyday but what can I say ill not be with you someday and I don't mean to you what you mean to me and my heart was locked and I taught your love was the key 'cause when I had you think bout money I didn't think bout cars you were my all and if you didn't know I was into you and oy now someone else would do 'cause when I loved you and you loved me you said you had popularity and now I know that meant the only one I bet your all alone in your room tonight I taught the love of my life was you and look at what you do so (fuck you 5+)