"Missouri Waltz" lyrics - EDDY ARNOLD

"Missouri Waltz"

Hush a bye my baby
Slumber time is coming soon
Rest your head upon my breast
While mommie hums a tune.

The sandman is calling
When shadows are falling
While the soft breezes sigh
As in days long gone by.

Way down in Missouri
Where I heard this melody
When I was a little feller
On my mommie's knee.

The old folks were humming
The banjos were strumming
So sweet and low.


Hush a bye my baby
Go to sleep on mommie's knee
Journey back to Dixie Land
In dreams again with me.

It seems like your mommie
Was there once again
And the old folks were strumming
That same old refrain.

Way down in Missour
Where I learned this lullaby
When the stars were blinking
And the moon was standing high.

And I hear mommie clove
As in days long ago
Singing hush a bye
Singing hush a bye...