"Collide" lyrics - EMBRACE


Collide, collide

I break down the door
To get at you and glass covers the floor
And each and every piece reflects a side,
The side of you with me that still would fight

Oh girl, I could have stayed with you forever,
And never realised the time

To bring some things to life,
Others must be chopped and left to die
Memories are salt rubbed in my eyes,
My love is like a bird, with dreams he'll fly

Collide, I can't believe that we're so un-alive
Collide, The broken glass reflects a million sides
Collide, I should have known that we were gonna fight
Collide, What else could I see?

You dream, I lie awake,
And every time I push you pull away
My foot was on the gas, you hit the breaks,
Now all my hopes are dashed but all my fears are safe