"Freestyle II" lyrics - EMINEM

"Freestyle II"

Are you afraid of a razor blade
In the shape of a spade
Blood dripping from it
Slice you up from the waist up
Ill drag ya dead body up a mountain
To da summot
Hang ya dirty ass then cut it
Fallin' down the mountain
You will plumit
I I I can't believe this shit
Are you felling what I spit
If you can't
To bad bitch
I don't give a fuck
I ain't got no luck
You fucking chicken
Hear you go cluck cluck cluck
Ah freakin ah freakin
I can't believe it
Ill swing my axe
Ill heave it
To ya head
You will be dead
Datz all folks
I did my best to edit in the curses and curses
Ha ha ha