"Freestyle III" lyrics - EMINEM

"Freestyle III"

I Freestyle to make it worthwhile
Make you run the Geographical 8 mile
For paul monelly to fill his belly full of my jelly
Like Anderson with his square head and pork belly
Stop Dead, go ahead, infact, instead why don't you try a diet
You really should try it, get you fit, only eating a bit may do you some good.
Like Robin Hood, all he had was wood, maybe you should
Don't get depressed, take a blood test, ensure your sugar levels at its best
May I suggest?...
You take a leaf from kennys book,
Look him up, in the phone book, have a chat about doing comic books,
Your both freaks, take some fat from Andersons Cheeks and use some
He got plenty to spare
Kenny, arnt you aware of what you wear?
Which 'cause people to stare, at your blue pants?
Just Like your mothers implants.

I hate it when you say you down wit Dre, and eminem,
Anyone saying this shit, I'll have to condemn them
Leaving the hem line upon their shirt like a pervert that's tryna flirt
Beefing with me is like tryna fuck a dyke, it ain't possible
Ill leave you wishing you ain't even met me
Killing you is simple as reciting my
ABC, I gua-rantee you can only put up with me, to a tolerable degree.

This ryhmes sick I ain't spittin'
Tight as your wifes pussy my shit ain't fittin.
Eminems syllables sound too complex
His subjects are about objects or perplex.
I wrote two verse on one person,
This rhyme can only wearson.
I'm finished,
Oh, one more thing
Bring some string, for this swing and an anchor ring and a large srping.
And we'll murder them all
This ain't a tea ball,
It's a pub crawl, we've finished here it time to move along