"Gaddafi The Coward" lyrics - EMINEM

"Gaddafi The Coward"

It's the Libyan opposition and the True Libyan Army Boys (okay)
Libyans (Come On!)
We representing' for everybody who wants freedom, gaddaffi and your fake ass Libyan crew (Where you at?)
Or where the fuck you hiding?
Libyan opposition representing' for y'all (who)
We represent for:

Benghazzi [threw it down]
Misurata[threw it down]
Al Zaiwia [threw it down]
Brega [threw it down]
Tripoli [threw it down]
Ras Lanuf [threw it down]
Darna [threw down]
Bin Jawad [threw it down]
Yafran [threw it down]
Gharyan [threw it down]
Az Zintan [threw it down]
Sidra Port [threw it down]
Al Marj [threw it down]
Bani Walid [threw it down]
Those Sirt Fools [Sold us out]
All the Libyans represent [Let's Go!]

COME OUT FROM HIDING Mother fucka throw it up

If you scared to throw it up get the fuck out of Libya

Back up gadaffi bitch get the fuck out our way
(Aye move the fuck back bitch, Move the fuck back)
What you looking at gaddaffi, what you looking at saif
Not the people or our opposition click, we too trill ya hamar)
We to deep off in this bitch, we too deep off in this bitch
(Its more of us than than you in your club of stupid bitchs)
Y'all are gaddaffis people over there (y'all idiots ain't shit)
Y'all are gaddaffis people over there (y'all idiots ain't shit)

We run this (country)

There will never be last stand
Were ready to blast ya
You know the new gov don't play no mothafuckin games
Ready to bust the head of a fuckin' pretender
Gaddafi as soon as we enter you know were making noise
All the real Libyan ladies that's proud of Libya
And they ain't never been scared
They're ready to bust some head
They ready to throw it down bitch and they ain't scared