"Hailie And Me" lyrics - EMINEM

"Hailie And Me"

Hey hailie
How are you today
Sorry I couldn't see you
I was workin every day
Are you ok
I'm fine
I love you bad
You are define
Your mom and me are back together
I hope your happy
Gladly were workin things out
I'm your pappy (haha)
Don't worry ill never leave again
I promise ill never leave you even if you turn ten
How is your sis
Tell her I miss her too
I love both of y'all
Y'all like the number too
You are my friend, my everything
In promise ill never ever leave again
Your mother and I are getting married again
I hope you happy too
I love you so much
I wanna be with you...

Hailie and me
Hailie and me
This is between 1 and 2
Justy wanna be with you
Hailie and me
Hailie and me
I promise that ill never leave you...

Slim shady is rock a bye bby
Shady is over never will rap again
If you want me too
You'll have to just leave me
There is one way you can actually complete me
Remember in mockingbird it was really sad
I tried to stop
But I was so mad trying to stop crying 'cause I couldn't see you no more then I got back to what was in store
I made my new choice
Can't help myself
I lo ve all of y'all and no body else
Shady is something
He is nothing I really can't help it 'cause he is nothing well seems like 1 and 2...
I wanns be with u

Hailie and me

Hailie and me
I wana be with me I wanna be with you
Hailie and me
Hailie and me
Hailie nd me

Is is between 1 and 3

Baby don't worry
Ill never leave again
Ill just have to tell dr.dre I can't rap again
My baby misses me and I miss her
I'm not shady dre so it's over so then
This is between 1 and 3
Hailie yuour my baby
I love you hailie
No more encore
No more LP
No more aftermath
No more shady
I really love you hailie
Ill never leave you
'Cause you're my baby
I hate rap I even hate shady
I should have never made hi you know what, maybe
But hailie I still love tyou
Nothing in this world is not above you
I love the way you smile
You do nice things
When I come back home
I'm a buy u a diamond ring
You're my everything
And everything is youwhen we stand close together
This is our stormy weather
I love the way you smile
I hate to play in 8 mile
Teach me how to love you better
So this could be a nice sunny weather
I love how you feel
And I know you keep it real
I'm furreal that I love you this is between 1 and 2