"Rap Name" lyrics - EMINEM

"Rap Name"

The rap game hip hop 101 the hardest 9 to 5 you'll ever have. you can't learn this shit in no
History book you ready to rap mutha fucker you ready to sell your soul hehehehe. the rap game.
I'm a disrupted nigga you mad me crazy you should have slayed me as a baby behaving shadier than Wes Craven
And you ain't even go to pay me I take pleasure in layin nigga down daily you face me drunk or sober you faint
Fast I never fucked up to where I can't whoop your ass. you neck will get snapped with bare hands. fuck music is
It rap is it cool but fool just don't confuse it. what happens is that these dudes get rude and then I lose it
I'm scatless I'll blow your two kids off the atlas with a gat that bigger than godzillas back nigga. you are not
Real in fact your fully infective a crack dealer y'all president send me smack then got a mac 10 with it so i
Ain't got to rap but I'm thank full don't mistake me for black 'cause you'll be stankin in the back of a fuckin'
Now I'm gonna get snuffed 'cause I ain't said enough to pipe down I'll pipe down when a little (blanked) is
Whiped out when I see that little (blanke) dyke get sniped out lights out bitch adios good night (ah) now put
That in ur pipe and whipe down think for a little for a minute 'cause the hype has died down. that I won't go into
The oval office right now and flip what ever ain't tied down upside down I'm all for America fuck this government
Tell that seat delouris tuck a slut to suck a dick mutha fucker duck what the fuck son of a bitch take away my
Gun I'm gonna tuck some other shit. Can't tell me shit about the tricks of this trade.switch blade with a little
Switch to switch blades and switch from a 6 to a 16 inch blade. shit like a samari sword to sensay. shit just
Don't change to this day.this way still tellin' ucks-lay, icks-bay my ick-day excuses my ick-pay ademlay uck-fay
Ick pay.

(50 cent)
This rap game this rap game I ain't selling my soul for this rap game I ain't diggin no hole for this rap
Game and I'm telling you no this it happening this rap game this rap game I ain't selling my soul for this rap
Game I ain't digging no hole for this rap game this rap game.

I bet ya lovin' me [?], drink and drown in my own iniquity,
But fuck that, I'm gonna rap till y'all get sick of me,
And clutch my last sack, and spit on all who pick on me,
I'm pit a rot mix, fuck the dog who single me,
I'm saying you motherfuckers, don't know'ith, who playin',
If I'm broke, then I'm brakin open the place where you layin,
You know, same shit every nigga done in his life,
I livin' this why [?], speak long [?], what I blow when I write,
So why, should I, ever fear another man, if he bleed like I bleed,
Take a piss when he stand, ok you win, you can say we can't rap
But no shots [?], never me [?], you never [?], and I don't wanna [?],
When they say it was wack...

I walk in the party and just start bustin',
Right after I hear the last verse of self destruction,
This liquer makes me wanna blast the chrome,
To let you know that time without morse dangerom [?], (nigga)
I low down and shifty, quickly call swifty,
To do a drive-by on the ten speed with fifty,
You feelin' lucky squeeze, I catch you outside of chucky cheese,
With you see [?] who be unlucky G, my lifestyle is unstable,
A partyin addict, they said no fightin in the club
So I brought me a matic, coughin the static,
I jump nigga's call me a rabbit,
Pop in the tavern and guns are so just irratic...

(50 cent)
Believe me, we run this rap shit forchezy,
Make makin' millions look easy,
Everywhere you turn you see me,
You hear me...

Believe me, you see my pistol and 3D,
No time to call the peace treaty,
Dial 911 'cause you need the...,
Police to help you, believe me,

I haft to tunnel from the side walk and piss on the curve,
This is obserde, these street nigga's twistin my words,
We finally could say goodbye to Hollywood,
'Cause poof and shine men aren't nothin' but con men.
The nasty been with gasoline cans [?],
We never bow down to be a flashin a pen [?],

No one must, fuck this statue dawg,
Nothin' to do with hands when I clap with y'all,
Put your job on the ground [?], then the dog in the pound [?],
Then I'm goin' out of town, for the law come around,
So we can battle with raps, we can battle gats,
Matter a fact we can battle with placks,
(50 cent)
This rap game

I'm too fuckin' retarted, I don't give a fuck about my dick,
That's why I'm date'in largaine Bobbet,
My crew had a argument who was the largest,
Now they all is dead and I roll as a solo artist,
Plus I made the beat to all the raps,
Well I really didn't but I did according to this contract,
I was thrown in the snow with no where to go,
Freezin 20 below forced to join, bail shit, then blow [?],
My little girl, she shouldn't listen to these lyrics,
That's why I glued here headphones to her ears,
To make sure she hear it,
If rap don't work I'm startin a group with Garth Brooks,
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
50 sing the hook
(50 cent)
This rap game, this rap game,
I ain't sell'in my soul for this rap game,
Now I ain't digg'in no hole for this rap game,
But I'm tellin' ya no it ain't happenin'...

This rap game, this rap game,
I ain't sell'in my soul for this rap game,
I ain't digg'in no hole for this rap game,
This rap game, this rap game...