"The Weekend" lyrics - EMINEM

"The Weekend"

I'm in the zone
Don't feel like stayin' home
'Cause for now I don't wanna be alone
I'm feelin' like it's my day
There's no better time to party than a Friday
Pick out my clothes call my friends
Pop some dro, now let's begin

Wentin' out gettin' out not stayin' in the house
Call my friends made some plans
Findin' out what time the party begins
Hangin' out for the weekend
Get out the crib have some fun
Enjoy yourself live for once
'Cause you'll never ever know when your time is up
So you got to live it up

Now it's about
10 o'clock
Before I leave I so many other rocks
But I'm'a vic you see, so fitted jeans
No make up just a little vaseline
I'm feelin' fresh, I'm feelin' clean
Grab my cds so I can blast it through the streets
Pick up my homegirls a cop a touch
Get it twisted while we're on the way to the club

Live you life
With absolutely no regrets
No need for contemplating death
'Cause you'll look back and miss everything that you have and
Party for the night, do what you gotta do
If you need some encouragement I ain't even had a chew
Do what's right and know that everything will be all right
It'll be all right
Celebrate life, celebrate hustlin'
Pop some mo' for all the money doublin'
All my ladies that stick to the rug in this,
Smoke some drugs with castle state thuggin' it
It's our life we gon' live it up
Party all night till we see the sun comin' up
Celebrate the weekend
Don't forget we gon' celebrate every single day that we breathin'