"W.T.P. Remix" lyrics - EMINEM

"W.T.P. Remix"

Yo zane, you think I copy eminem but I just steal tha beat and spit rhymes better than him (just kidding) I know I'm wack but I can't rhyme words caues I'm just to black, in fact let me tell you a fact I'm quittin rap for good and movein back to da hood work on my rap and come back if I'm not hooked on crack if you try to diss me in a rap ill come out of retirement and murder your rhyme again no joke your gettin' fucked up like some one did you in the but and busted a nut, ill slit your throat with a razor I used to shave my crack a the one in the back you talk a lot of crap for an albino who can't even rap you just want to be black dog if you keep talking crap I'm gonna kick you in your sack and go black attack in fack I'm part back