"Tavern Choir" lyrics - GEORGE JONES

"Tavern Choir"

Everyone suspected ole Willie's time was near
'Cause lately he'd been talkin'?bout the Lord & leavin' here
He said if I fight the devil when I die I know I'll lose
To sing my soul to Heaven?for the devil gets the news

Well, everybody cried when poor ole Willie died
And his old flat top guitar was that all Willie left behind
They took it to the graveyard when they laid him down to rest
Someone tuned it up and answered Willie's last request

The Tavern choir from Marvin's Bar on Wine St. gathered?round
They believe Willie's soul passed through Heaven's golden gate
Before his body touched the ground
They sang?Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound?

I come to the garden alone
The Tavern choir from Marvin's Bar on Wine St. sang ole Willie home

There's an ole flat top guitar on the wall behind the bar
And somewhere there's a twinkle in a far distant star
Now that ole Satan raised some Hell when he finally got the news
That the only soul that Willie left
Was on a pair of his worn out shoes


We believe they sang ole Willie home