"Always Returning" lyrics - GLEN PHILLIPS

"Always Returning"

Here we go
Falling out of ranks
You're unafraid of consequence
I'm faking it as if you hadn't guessed
"Heave ho"
Throwing out the past
You will speak for optimism
I can be the realist

Slow down, hold on
Oh you don't know what's to come
You say, my love
I should let you go

I'm watching you run
Breaking down walls
Making your waves
Bearing your cross
You're turning away
After it all
You're always returning
You're always returning

I recall rides and kettle corn
Barkers in their boxes
Hawking games nobody's ever won
They'll spit you out
Like water from a fountain
And pretty as it looks my friend
They'll use you till there's nothing left

You have my trust
You can move on if you must
You'll still have us
But it gets so hard

Every time you turn away
You're always returning