"Tali's Song" lyrics - GONG

"Tali's Song"

Tali's in the garden
By the wishing well
Wishing he could find a way
To break the magick spell

That keeps his father far away
Across the windy seas
In misty forests listening...
To the music of the trees.

Orlando's in the kitchen
Licking on a spoon
Behind his eyes he's far away
Riding on the moon

He dreamed he saw his father
Sitting by a stream
And his spirit floated up to him
And it kissed him in the brain

I'm coming to visit you inside your head
I'm leaving my body
Behind in my house
On my bed.

Can you hear me...
I'm getting nearer...
And can you feel me...
Now I'm there...
He's here!

Tasmin's on the highway
Hitching rides across the land
She loves a singer in a rock'n'rollin band
Whenever someone picks her up

And tries to put her down
She just smiles her father's smile...
Then she splits without a sound.

Ananda's on the veranda
Working on his bike
He wants to ride to Bearsville
Just to check out what its like

But high in the Himalayas
His father stops his car
And standing on the summit
He's wondering how you are...

He's coming to visit you inside your head.
He's leaving his body behind
In his house on his bed
So do ya hear him

He's coming nearer
Now can you feel him?
He's here...
He's here!