"Melle Mel Freestyle" lyrics - GRANDMASTER FLASH

"Melle Mel Freestyle"

Oh yeah, now you're listening to the sounds of the great one himself, the Em-ee-el-ee all Melly Welly, and I do it something like this here: I used to be a criminal, it was subliminal, a product of Reagonomics, political criminalized?with the guy vandalized then I highlight the prize? For being street-wise. A young buck, I'm pressing my luck, what the fuck, the whole world sucks my willy, nigga'm a Mack truck - out on the road, heavy load, bustin' coal, never old, got a soul?kill bull?, another episode. Chill, never will, never ran, still ill, I'm the man superbad, hundred-dollar bill, moneyto burn, got a whole?liver pocket? tear the roof off, I'm gonna shoot off, just like a rocket. I'm going going gone, yo I'm outta here, deranged and actin' real strange, I never shed a tear. I start rappin' in a New York dialect,?guilty's on? I've said a want'respizick, guizzo guizzon a rizzo wizzo fa sizzo mazine clasine call me Sazzine like a pizzol blazzique blazzick blasic? like a physic, yo you don't like it, sizzuck my dizzick. Boy, they give me more, I'm tired being poor, hardcore, fast draw open jaw on a bloody floor. I've got an attitude, I like taking it in the botty-hole, now get serious, 'cause motherfucker I ain't smilin'.

On a freestyle tip, check it out. Slammin' like a jail cell, I'm pumpin' like an oil well, Em-ee-el Melle Mel, I'm quick, and kickin' like I'm a karate flick, a lot of people don't like me now get off my dick. I'm swellin', dwellin', jellin', bellin', propellin', excellin','the felon, don't smell it gelin',
Tell 'em, don't shell 'em, gel 'em?, my clientele sellin' like a melon. Discovered rap like a Ferdinand Magellan. No, 'cause I'm a Pizarro, De Leon or Marco Polo, I'm not a weasel boy, you diesel cock polo? mechanic, manic, grammatic, depressive aggressive'the feet are replete with Adidas?, I have a very large penis. I'm excessively, livid, sweating you keep betting, cold working the present, it's?obsessive the dressing don't mess your fez up??? no pressure? no second guessing my finessing here's a lesson. I'ma talk a second, listen, you better count your blessings. Meditate wait, you better pray on,?I'm oust from the house?, maxing out, I'm gonna?lay? on you, 'cause I'm a chilla, the thrilla from a fiddle like Attila, I get ill, don't take that pill, I'm a killa. The strange
Frayer, I'm the stone cold player, the senator the governor the president I'm the mayor, the judge and the jury always livin' large, and now I'm passing off my verdict: sPunk, guilty as charged.

Check this out, I got a million of 'em, check it out. Huh huh, ha. I'm the greatest invention, I can mention, the captain, the wheels don't stop turnin', it never happens. I never have the gas on just got to press on, keep keepin' on push on move on just put the groove on homie. Play it, rock it, jam it, slam it, damnit, understand it I'm the baddest of the planet. I'm cuttin' struttin' like a'sutton to glutton?, E.F. Hutton, and when I rap, cut the crap, don't say nothin' slow, no, soft porn, quiet storm, turn on, word spawn, cool collected and calm, chill stand still to the max, relax watchin' my back never lax I'm a battle axe. King of the?kings so swing there's a black thing? throwin' it out comin' back like a boomerang,?a penned his mind and then I saw? go ahead and pull it, just gimmie your papermate boy I'm stopping bullets.?I pass the shield? make it feel like a force field, cobalt steel so real you caught a raw deal. On to the next town next stage next rhyme, speak or forever hold your peace, won't be a next time. Sent by Allah like the star David, as the last of the grandmasters boy you might as well save it.

And I'ma tell you why, boy, I'ma tell you why right now, check it out. People are staring at me
In awe 'cause I'm more awesome than a foursome of metaphor of course boss?, I hire retire I fire I sell I buy a, do anything my heart would desire, king of the kings, the lord of the rap is back with
The facts to mack or smack a verbal attack in your face; it'll taste like a subpeona, committed
A felony 'cause your melody's a misdemeanor. I'm rockin' steady, 'cause I'm ready for Betty, Freddy, Teddy, and Eddie, don't get petty. Now come on,?you put the bum on, you got stung on, dumb as they come, put someone that'll hum on the mic, start off night right deciphered and write, he might think he can fight, but he's quite light in the ass, passing gas, fading fast, dukin' to win it, a minute the boy might last, 'cause I'm shake bake flakin' and takin' and rakin' and breakin' and quakin' no fakin' no forsakin' and ratin' and waitin' mate datin' is taking the syncopatin' captivating creatin', no debating I'm devastating, escape imitating procastinatin' and hatin' duplicate and fornicate chasin and associating, I'm not intimidating, because I'm fascinating, don't eat pussy, no mistakin' I'm cash moneymaking. You're a truant, you're absent, late, bait for the fickle finger of fate. I'm like Tony the Tiger! No wait, I'm like Frosted Flakes... I'm GRReat!

That's right and anybody can take that anyway they want it to see. You come one at a time, you come all at once, you might pop strong game, but you're nothin' but punks. When you see me on the stage I ain't gonna be wilin'... But guess what? Motherfucker, I ain't smilin'!