"Leaving" lyrics - INDIGO GIRLS


Jet fuel and traffic lines
Pulling up to the Delta signs
Distant shape of my hometown
Black stain where the wheels touch down.
I pick up the morning news,
Pass the man who's never shined my shoes
Through security and to the train
That'll take me to the airplane.

Count the miles on the highway
The sum of all my days
There's a postcard, there's a call,
There's a picture for your bedroom wall.
But do you ever wonder through and through
Who's that person standing next to you?
And after all the nights apart
Is there a home for a travelling heart?

But if I weren't leaving you,
I don't know what I'd do.
But the more I go, the less I know,
Will the fire still burn on my return?
Keep the path lit on the only road I know...
Honey, all I know to do is go.

A cup of coffee and my bags are packed
Same vow not to look back.
Familiar emptiness inside
As the distances grow wide.
And though I vow to memorize
The last look in your loving eyes,
It's here dusk and there dawn... oh,
It's like a curtain getting slowly drawn.