"I'm Down" lyrics - JACK WHITE

"I'm Down"

I'm down, I'm down and this town is a nuisance
It'll put your backbone all in a ruin
And with the area code of a truant
I'm fluent in the hazards of love, yeah listen

I fed a warrant to a billy goat
I fixed the spelling on a suicide note
A get-well card from the holy ghost
To a beggar who smells like a rose

I'm down, I'm down and I feel like a loner
There's a skyscraper city below her
I wanna feed my heart to a cobra
'Cause nothing ever happens to me

Alright, like a blessing disguised as a curse
Like a sermon that's run out of words
Like a cage that can't keep any birds
I can't keep my arms around you
I'm down

I'm down, I'm down and this town is a backdrop
A back road over a roadblock
With a debutante in a tank top
Who's teaching me how to be free

Like a prayer in a personal ad
Like a knife in a broken back
Learn to love what you can't get rid of
Before it gets rid of you

I'm down
I'm down
I'm down
I'm down