JAY-Z lyrics - When Will U See

"When Will U See"

Why won't you give me a chance?
When I'm giving you everything that I am
Tell me why
When you know you can't deny
The way that I bring it
'Cause no one can bring it to you the way that I do

When will you see
That there's no one like me (no one no one)
No matter how hard they try to be
'Cause they just don't flow (they don't flow)
The way that I flow (The way I flow)
So baby don't fight it

It seems the more that I try
The harder you make it for me to get by
If you only knew how I felt inside
I'm sure you would be so blind
'Cause another like me you won't find

You better think it over before you try
To say that no one can give you what you like
'Cause I know just what you want
And there's no way you can front on me
I hope you see
That you belong to me


So don't fight the way it feels when I do my thing
Trick don't leave for ten months
Flip on my for those?
Jay, my friend blunts
I'm tight though, mad that you're platinum plus
Let me find out that some broad got you acting up
Spread your wings so I figure you'll be back in touch
Wondering if whats-his-name will he tap my stuff
Yo, all I wanna do if get this doe together
Even if you want this on the low whatever
Fuck around, it's gonna be a hoe forever
'Cause when it's beef, I know that we're gonna throw together
But we got issues nigga, 'cause what you did for me lately
To be a little skanky with them bitches that hate me
You know the kind, door knockers hollering at that
Them bootlegging bitches, I don't even blink at that
Stop playing, Especially when I'm? or black
They think your back how you were putting minks on my back.

[Chorus 4x]