"Hey American Boys" lyrics - JONAS BROTHERS

"Hey American Boys"

Hey! American boys!
Let's make some noise,
We have the voice,
Let's hear the world,
We can do struggle,
For change the world,
We have much power,
Let's do some joys,

Hey! American boys!
Come! swell the peace, and
Show your goodness,
Don't bear up badness,
Rule out the terrors,
Yes!we can do this!
We have the talent,
Come!leave your laziness,
And show your smartness,
Because!we proud to be,
An American boys!

Hey!American boys
Let's try do understand,

Please!don't be zero,
We can must under go,
Because!nick, joe, kevin jonas are our hero!

Hey! American boys
Listen! forget never,
Remember forever,
N.j.k.jonas are world new maker!
Hey! American boys
Say it all with high voice,
Say it all with high voice,