"You" lyrics - KANYE WEST

feat. Mela

The Roc is in the building

Homgirl Mela

So I don't miss a thing

[Kanye West]
Now the Roc in the buildin', UIC Pavilion
Two years ago I was just a civilian
Now every chick in here swear I got millions
In area codes with unidentified children
Hear barbershop talk, niggas want to kill him
Throw my hoodie on, blend in like chameleons
Take my hoodie off, they like "What up Ye, you chillin'?"
Swear to god they just like children
Just like high school, back at my school
Just like Halloween, minus the costumes
The nigga that's flickin' be the ones that's trickin'
The girls two seatin' be the ones that's treatin'
Do a test on relationships, everybody cheatin'
I used to want the Jordans most recent
Throw Jordans on the truck now just to look decent
Just for me and Mela, dirt to [?]