"I Poke Her Face" lyrics - LADY GAGA

"I Poke Her Face"

So, what's the deal, why you frontin' keep it real
Do you wanna get funky with me?
If you think eye got something that you want,
Suga nothin' here comes for free

Eye been around this way
Got lost and found
Lemme see if you remember my name
You can try to get it but eye can't let you hit it
'Cause you never gon' be the same

I got a box a chocolates
That'll rock the sox of any
Girl that wanna come my way
And eye ain't got no time to waste
If she ain't makin' bank and scared of
What a brutha got to say

She want the b-o-x-a-chocolate everyday

So what's the deal are you sportin' some wheels
Or are you ridin' in a limousine?
This ain't prom night and eye don't wanna
Fight so you betta get your dirty clean
Eye hear your words goin' up and down your
Skirt your gonna get a chance to prove it
You best believe if you wanna get wit me
It takes a real woman to do it

[Chorus (q-tip)]

So what's the deal are you gay or poppin' pills?
Why you still wanna take my hand?
This discotech is 'bout to make me a wreck
My feet are singin' louder than the band
Eye see you got the feelin'
Flashin' lights up on the ceiling
Say you gotta get your weekend now
What difference does it make?
You know you can't make chocolate cake
If ain't nobody ever showed you how

She want the b-o-x-a-chocolate everyday