"Ready For Love (Interlude)" lyrics - LUCKY DAYE

"Ready For Love (Interlude)"

Out of all of my options, you'll be the top one
Baby, you got one-up
Take me high, get me lighter
Damn, all that power
I want you much too much
That sure do get me high
To God, oh, what I'm feeling
Well, you decide
'Cause baby, all summer
They been all on my heels
I just need to know that if I pull up you gon' be there 'cause you tell 'em real, real
And I don't want to wonder
If you doin' side deals
I don't trust nobody but that body keep on calling me
(It got me roaming through these empty streets)

Thinkin' you're ready for love
(Ready for love)
I be ready (For it)
I think I'm ready (For it)
Think I'm ready for love
(Ready for love)
I think I'm ready (Yeah)
Might be ready (For it)
Ready for love