MARY J. BLIGE lyrics - Break Up To Make Up

"Break Up To Make Up"

How could you leave me standing all alone out there?
What happened to our love it seems you don't care
I can't go on like this baby no more
Baby I'm scared
Baby I'm scared

Oh hold my hand
And reassure me that our love will last this time
'Cuz you're the only one forever on my mind
I won't go on like this but you know I'll be fine
Boy ill be fine
Yea yea

I can't seem to get you boy
Off my mind
Get you of my mind, can't get you of my mind
You're the only one I love
Youre all my life
Boy you're all my life [2x]

I don't wanna break up
'Cuz that's gonna break my heart again
And I don't wanna make up
'Cuz we're just gonna be apart again
I don't wanna see your face
But I missin you babe
Now the truth is that it hurts
But I'm so over love
Love love love
Love love love
Love love love
Love love love

Ohh baby
This love is so exhausting and I can't take no more
Keep pulling back and forth just like a??
See if you really love me then you'll set me free
If we can't be happy