"Royals" lyrics - MATTHEW WEST


[Chorus: Matthew West:]
We will always be Royals
Swinging for the waterfall
With our backs up against the wall
We won't stop 'till we win it all
We will always be Royals
This is more than just a game
Royal blue running through our veins
KC let me here you say
We will always be Roy-a-a-a-als

[Verse 1: Matthew West:]
Salvals looking for a pitch to crush
"Big Game James" coming through in the clutch
Like always
Bullpens gonna come and shut it down
'Cuz we wear the crown
We're gonna show you how
We'll keep it classic like George Brett World Series 1985
Gordon got a "Gold Glove" gonna bring us back to life
Yeah we're coming alive
And you know it's Coach Ned in the dugout making' all the right moves
Butler, Hosmer
Oh and crowd yells MOOOOOOOSE
We refuse to lose

[Chorus: Matthew West:]
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