"Takes A Little Time" lyrics - MATTHEW WEST

"Takes A Little Time"

I'm the one with two left feet,
Standing on a lonely street,
I can't even walk a straight line.
And every time you look at me,
I'm spinning like an autumn leaf,
Bound to hit bottom some time

Where would I be without someone to save me,
Someone who won't let me fall?

You are everything that I live for,
Everything that I can't believe is happening
You're standing right in front of me,
With arms wide open, all I know
Is everyday is filled with hope
'Cause you are everything that I breathe for,
And I can't help but breathe you in, and breathe again,
Feeling all this life within, every single beat of my heart

I'm the one with big mistakes, big regrets,
And bigger breaks than I'd ever care to confess.
Ah, but you're the one who looks at me
And sees what I was meant to be,
More than just a beautiful mess.

You're everything good in my life,
Everything honest and true
And all of those stars hanging up in the sky
Could never shine brighter than you

You are, oh you are,
Jesus, you are,
You are everything