"Walk With Me" lyrics - MATTHEW WEST

"Walk With Me"

Lord, I need a prayer.
Please, take me there, don't leave me here.
I need you now, now that they are leaving me.
In this time, that I try,
To pick myself back up again.
I've been pushed, I've been shoved,
Now I'm lost, now I'm scared.
I don't know where to go.
Lord, will you just be my friend?

Lord, my God, you are
Savior of this world.
When I can't see the light,
When I don't know where to turn,
When my heart's turned upside down.
I know you'll be here to walk with me.
Walk with me, walk with me.

When I get down, you lift me up.
When I see, you in the light,
What I have, never stops.
Where I go, is where I'll be.
Because of you, who got me here.
Lord, be my guidance,
Be my friend.
Lord, walk with me.

Jesus, lead me to the water.
Jesus, bring me to the light.
Jesus, guide me through the tunnel.
Jesus, would you just walk with me.
Walk with me my Lord.