"Perfect" lyrics - MEGHAN TRAINOR


I'm not settlin' for you tonight
I'm gonna turn my back
'Cause I got all that I'll ever need
I'm gonna work with that
You say, say I didn't understand
Why would you want me back
But I heard every single word that you said
Baby yeah, that's a fact


And I won't
I won't let the rain pour down today, no no
I want my sunny day
Not lettin' nothin' in my way
I want my sunny day
You wouldn't mess this up, everything falls on me
What you want and try to be, is so, so perfectly

You got,you got your silly little games don't want to mess with them
I will make you walk away, clearly you're not a man
You can't face your problems, grow up in this cold, cold world
Where nothing goes your way
What can you say


Yeah I know what you think
And no the enemy's not you
It's just the things you do, whoa
I guess I'll put it all aside
For a moment just with you
I just want to say..

[Chorus, repeat to fade]