"Half A Moment" lyrics - MICHAEL BUBLE

"Half A Moment"
feat. Jose Carreras

[Michael Buble:]
Half a moment
We are together
I shall want no-one else
And nothing new.
Half a moment
I shall treasure,
Keep it locked away
For some future rainy day.

Should you leave me
With just this moment
In my mind
I shall capture it anew,
Like some picture
Taken in my childhood
Half a moment
Spent with you.

[Jose Carreras:]
Countless vivid memories
Spin before my view,
Like some toy kaleidoscope
Images of you.

Time looks kindly
On fleeting lovers

They can turn the briefest hour
Into a day
Turn a moment
To a lifetime
Making it to last
Blending future with the past.

[Michael Buble:]
We're together,
What else can matter?

[Jose Carreras:]
Even though
Half a moment is too few

[Michael Buble:]
I shall save it
'Til I have another

[Jose Carreras:]
Making one whole moment

Filled with you!