"Not This Girl" lyrics - MILEY CYRUS

"Not This Girl"

I know (I know)
There will be those days
I wanna hide under my pillow, yeah

And I'm sure (I'm sure)
That the clouds will come
And try to rain on my parade, but

I won't let that get me down
I'll laugh until the sun comes out, 'cause...

Oh you can't hurt this girl
Won't hurt this girl
Not this girl, no
She won't listen to you
And your lies
Can't you see why I'm
Not this girl

Can't like you or myself
What do I know
Need a finish line needing to find
Somewhere to collect my thoughts and
Better myself and try to be
Somewhere better than me

What a shame, I'm not this girl
The one who hides in her own little world
Now there are miles to go
And I'm not that girl, anymore

Not this girl