"Freestyle" lyrics - MISSY ELLIOTT


Mi-Missy! (I'm Supa Dupa Fly)
Mi-Missy! (Sup-Supa Dup-Sup Sup)
I'm Su-Supa Fly, Su-Supa Fly
What's my name - Mi-Missy
What's my name - Mi-Missy

Yo, uh-huh (Supa Fly)
Icki-icki-icki-icki-icki-icki (UHHH)

Dag-gonit, who smoked my motherfuckin chronic
I'ma brrrrrrrr pop one in your stomach
Get back, yeaooowwww funk, do you see the vomit
Fly across your face like a comet
Oh Missy you better stop it, every flow you throw
These niggaz wanna cop it, all up in my ass
Like tissue, they so rotten, all y'all niggaz
Wanna taste some of my chocolate, though you talkin' mad mad shit
Why you bitchin? Half of y'all hard niggaz
Leave home twistin, then you wanna come
And fucka-fuck around with Missy, you know where I be
I keep, all my number listed, hey there buddy
You wanna come and get me, better bring your people
'Cause I'm bringin' mine with me, kickin your ass
Like a job I'll be shiftin, bitch-slappin niggaz
Hey is that Missy pimpin'? Oh yes yes
It is me, yes yes, and I won't rest
Until the world knows the best, I want more
Won't take nuttin less, let me freak-it-freak-it-freak-it
Over the Flex, over the freak-it-freak-it, over the Flex
Over the Flex, over the Flex