"Bill And I" lyrics - O.A.R.

"Bill And I"

I was walking the other day
I feel I've walked a mile away
And she came standing by my side
My eyes stuck on to hide

We was in Alabama sun
So hot, I left my sweat on the run
And we caught up later on the day
It was the hottest damn day that way

We went so many times
Football games at my cries
She left me later on
But I just left her with nothing on

It was the hottest damn day
That Alabama summer way

Well, me and old Bill caught up at the hill
I'd left her behind before
This wasn't new to me
We could barely see as his stare fell to the door

But Bill and me
We're always meant to be
Father and son, left things on the run

Later on us three
Headed down to southern weed
Rise and beg and camp for money

Left ourselves on the run, on the run
And that hot Alabama sun