"Candy Boy" lyrics - PAULINA RUBIO

"Candy Boy"

Lips like cinnamon feel like givng in/to the
Sweetest eyes iv'e ever seen/strawberrykiss
With a touch of licorice/ with a voice
Of chocolate cream/ He's perfectiob, pure
Confection/ my suga baby my buuble
Gum/melts in my arms like rasberry
Charms/it's a suga high and it don't
Last long

Oh, oh,oh/ gonna shake it up / with my
Candy boi(cnady boi) oh oh oh/ he's my
Buttercup/he's my candy boi (candy boi)

Smooth like carmel,pepperiment carousel/
Hold on tight cuz here we go/ he's my
Lollipop and my lemondrop/no artifical
Sweet and low/ he's perfiction pure
Confection/the carousel goes roung and
Round/he's my soda pop, I gotta stop/it's
A sugar high and you gotta come downnnnnnnn.


Time is melting away/ something this good/
You now was neva here to stay/ no need to
Explain/ one day it's gone/ like suga in the rain/
Gimmie your sweet kisses now