"Stand" lyrics - PAULINA RUBIO


Drive in a corner shop
See the shoplifting cop
See the old lady with a gun
See the hero try to run

Nothing's what it seems
I mean it's not all dirty
But it's not all clean

There's paying billls
There's monks buying thrills
There's pride for sale in magazines
There's pills for rent to make you clean
Marvin Gaye there's no brother, brother
Woody Guthrie's land can't feed mother

Mothers weep children sleep
So much violence ends in silence
It's a shame there's no one to blame
For all the pain that life brings
If you will just take me it might just
Complete me

A waitress brings me lunch
We meet but do not touch
On t.v. DC's selling lies
While in the corner king's dreams lies
Go to the counter pay for me and my friend
A homeless man pulls out a roll says it's on him
The mayor has no cash
He said he spent it on hookers and hash


You will love me,I will love you
You will love me, I will love you

[Chorus 3x]